martes, 12 de enero de 2016

And after the experience...

Here you have some thoughts and comments of Safa students after this great experience in Glasglow:
Marta S: " and above all I enjoyed explaining Xmas in Catalonia to the boys and girls in Holy Cross". " the people I have met are fantastic, very kind...they treated us as if we were kings!"
Estel Ll.: " the boys and girls were very kind and teachers too". " I think that our presentation went well".
Xavier A.: " I enjoyed the Pantomime the most".
Aina R.: " we were very nervous during the presentation but it went quite well". " the Xmas dinner with Holy Cross students was very nice"
Mario: " the Xmas lights were very cool" , " I have learnt many new words but my favourite is wee".
David: " we enjoyed ourselves at the transport museum", " these days in Glasglow have been very funny."
An unforgettable experience indeed for all of us.

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