martes, 12 de enero de 2016

And after the experience...

Here you have some thoughts and comments of Safa students after this great experience in Glasglow:
Marta S: " and above all I enjoyed explaining Xmas in Catalonia to the boys and girls in Holy Cross". " the people I have met are fantastic, very kind...they treated us as if we were kings!"
Estel Ll.: " the boys and girls were very kind and teachers too". " I think that our presentation went well".
Xavier A.: " I enjoyed the Pantomime the most".
Aina R.: " we were very nervous during the presentation but it went quite well". " the Xmas dinner with Holy Cross students was very nice"
Mario: " the Xmas lights were very cool" , " I have learnt many new words but my favourite is wee".
David: " we enjoyed ourselves at the transport museum", " these days in Glasglow have been very funny."
An unforgettable experience indeed for all of us.

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

Making friends!!!

On Monday evening we had dinner at a very popular restaurant in Glasglow. We had crackers!!! We met some students from Holly Cross. We talked with them a lot and in English!!!!

Cultural day and the last one

It's Tuesday and the last day of our visit to Holy Cross school.
We had a Scottish traditional dance lesson, we went to a Xmas  pantomime at a very modern theatre and to a Xmas concert in the evening.

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015


This famous Scottish musical instrument must be really difficult to play. We met two nice bagpipers who played beautifully. Here are some pictures. Guess what they are both wearing...kilts!!!

A day trip to Edimburgh

We spent a nice day in this beautiful city thanks to Patricia and Nicky, who teach at Holly Cross School.
We visited a Xmas market. It had rides, a Xmas tree maze ( we had a go and we didn't get lost) and stalls with delicious food ( that we all tried).We saw a beautiful light show and held and touched two beautiful owls. It was a great day!

domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

Preparing the presentation

A trip to Glasgow

On the 12th of December 3 students in year 6 and 3 students in ESO1 are heading for Glasgow. They have been  kindly invited by the school Holy Cross. Safa students are going to learn how Xmas is celebrated in Scotland and teach  Catalan Xmas traditions to Holy Cross students in year 6 ( Tió, The Three Wise men, the living Nativities,..). Looking forward to it!